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2019 Clayton Festival Stallholder Application

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Monash Festival Guidelines

Festivals and celebratory events are an important part of community life. They can create a sense of pride and belonging in a geographical area, or within a community, showcase the talents and cultures of that community to a wider audience and bring people of many different backgrounds together in celebration. Council presented and supported festivals express the character, attributes and aspirations of the people of Monash.

Stallholders applying to Council are required to submit a description, including where practicable a visual representation, of what they intend to display and/or sell at a festival or event.

Upon receipt of an application from a stallholder, Council reserves the right to seek information concerning material proposed to be displayed or goods or services to be sold from a stall. It also reserves the right to refuse an application, if an applicant does not provide the information sought by Council (see above) or, in its absolute discretion, it deems the proposed stall activities to be inconsistent with one or more desired festival or event outcomes. 

Submitting an application does not guarantee that Council will grant the application.


Desired Outcomes

In general Council deems community festivals and events to achieve the following broad outcomes:

  • Provide appropriate entertainment and activities to enrich the cultural life of the Monash community
  • Provide opportunities for local community groups to provide information about local community services and activities that are directly of benefit to the local community
  • Seek feedback from residents concerning Council services
  • Promote Council services
  • Provide opportunities for State and Federal government departments to disseminate information about their relevant community services.

Each festival or event is a non-political occasion. Council will, however, allow local sitting Members of Parliament to participate in Council festivals and events if they provide information or services that are of direct benefit and relevance to the local community, and the material or goods or services provided do not expressly or implicitly promote a political party or group, or solicit membership to that party or group. Material promoting a political party, that is not allowed, includes balloons, bags, stickers and pamphlets.


Invitations to Members of Parliament

Invitations to attend Council presented festivals, events and celebratory activities are to be extended to all local Federal and State Upper and Lower House Members of Parliament. Invitations are to be issued under the Mayor’s name.

Council may invite appropriate government representatives when funding has been obtained from State or Federal Government programs for that specific event, to officially speak at Council presented festivals, events and celebratory activities.

Council may invite State or Federal Lower House Members of Parliament whose electorates cover the locality in which a Council event or festival is held, to speak at that event or festival.